Swiss Cheese is Yellow (3rd in Swiss/14th after cut)

Wet Toastie 912

So this is the deck I brought to worlds... I have been out of the game since Domecon in february, being very rusty and all, I knew just playing the top tier decks was not going to cut it for me. I would just be an average player trying to pilot a good deck. So I made my own.

"I want to live in the timeline where this is the deck that wins worlds"


"these kind of corps doesn't deserve to be in the top tables"

-Some angry guy

"WetToastie my new spirit animal"


"The Madman"


"this makes me so happy"


alt text

This deck went 6-1 in swiss and 4-1 in crown of lazers for an incredible 10-2. I only played one game in the top cut (because I got a gameloss, something with failing to properly write a decklist :D) which I lost due to terrible draw.

Because I did not have any time to test or practice, I decided to throw together all corp and runner cards I might end up playing, and bring them all to Rotterdam. When we arrived at the hotel I noticed I forgot one of my boxes, leaving me without any corpcards. Luckily Wausser brought his entire collection and was nice enough to let me build my deck for CoL. After the first day I was very tired and didn't feel like building a new deck, so I just picked up my decklist from the tournament HQ and handed it in the next day (always check your decklists people!).

This deck was made to cheese my way through swiss, by surprising people with a strange kill. Mushin is amazing. You can either kill by Reeducation and Neural/Show of Force or any other combination or damagecards. Sometimes you can kill unsuspecting runners with Junebugs, Psychic Fields or Neural EMPs. If they decide to go tag me you can win by Psycho'ing out Reeducation. I noticed the Vanilla's should probably be Resistors to help if the runner goes tag me. The meme Ghost Branches should probably be Closed Accounts.

I am having the most fun at a tournament when I am playing with a deck that I have made myself. There is a lot of value in playing something people don't expect, because of the secretive nature of the corp. If you don't like stuff like this, well, keep on trying with a list the runner knows card by card ;)

This was my first Worlds and it was great! I have met a lot of new people and had a great time!

7 Oct 2019 Wausser

Ah, that's why I found a deck like this in my deckbox :)

Congrats on the nice result

7 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

This is even better than that Cybernetics Division deck

7 Oct 2019 CaKnuckleguy

Congrats on Making Yellow Kill Again.

(that doesn't have the same ring...oh well)

It's. Beautiful.

I caught it on stream once and said 'I had to know this list. I have to make this' and you've created an absolute beauty of a deck. Cheers!

7 Oct 2019 Saan

I was standing behind you watching your final game (that you, sadly, lost at the last moment), wishing beyond hope that you make it and win the entire thing. I love everything about this deck. I remember walking by and casually glancing at your hand, then trying my hardest not to do a massive double take at the shit that I saw there. It's just fantastic; I love the huge forked plays available.

You should be very proud, both of your placement, and your creation.

7 Oct 2019 Zerothmaxima

The stream watchers LOST IT when you combo'd the re-eductaion on stream. Not just the first time, but the second time as well.

8 Oct 2019 Tamijo

First of all; this is the worst deck I've ever seen. Second of all; this is the best deck I've ever seen.

8 Oct 2019 percomis

I never imagined I'd like a Mushin deck, but here we are. Congrats on the amazing run with this deck Walter! You gave NEH a bit of fame before it rotates.

8 Oct 2019 Jakuza

This should be DotW. Let's make it so.

8 Oct 2019 ToThBeBe

My first game at the worlds main event was vs this, and I never felt more confused in my life. It was awesome seeing your run with this deck! Congrats!

9 Oct 2019 NinjaMike

I saw this on stream and even that did not do justice to how bonkers this list is. I love it!

9 Oct 2019 JackMade

@Jakuzait has some tough competition you know.. ;) but I really like it too and will definitely give it a spin tomorrow at our local meetup! Well done, @Wet Toastie!

9 Oct 2019 JackMade

@Wet ToastieI thought about the deck again. What do you think about Lily Lockwell to draw up before comboing with Reeducation? Seems like a valuable tool to have.

9 Oct 2019 Wet Toastie

@everyone, Thanks a lot for the kind words!

@Jakuza I think that honor will and should be Pinsels! He earned it!

9 Oct 2019 Wet Toastie

@JackMade I had no issues with having enough cards for the kill, but it is an interesting card to explore! It is nice to have as a backup on the table, and could draw into a Neural more easily, will give it a try!

10 Oct 2019 zmb

@Wet Toastie for the Reeducation kill I guess it gets more situational if runner keeps 5 cards in grip, so you have to bottom your Neural EMP? Congratz! Glad I didn't have to face this :-D

10 Oct 2019 RvdH83

@zmb if you have 5 cards before the mandatory draw it isn't an issue.