Professor Jordan

Qris 47

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17 Nov 2019 pang4

So happy to see another Professor efficienato :)

How has ReaverShop treated you? I found the engine not worth the restricted slot in my testing, but maybe your experience is different?

18 Nov 2019 Qris

I definitely wouldn't go that far:)

I played him 4 times so far for a RandomID tournament, basing myself on your "102" version. Even with Aesop's I was always feeling poor, but that might have more to do with not finding SMCs / said Aesop's early and receiving too many Hard-Hitting News. More testing against a diverse field is required.

18 Nov 2019 pang4

I found myself rarely wanting to Aesop my stuff. We only have one Cache and one Harbinger to work with, so you're ususally only breaking even on your trashes.

Economy is, and will always be, the issue with Prof, No out-of faction resources and a focus on programs that usually take more money than they give makes cashmoney a real problem. I suppose that's why nobody plays him...

I've never ran FtE in my lists, mostly because I've been erring on Film Critic for protection and tempo. Did it do good work for you?