Top MirrorMorph @ WORLDS 2023 (25th place)

AlPi 198

Well the title is less impressive if you release there were only 2 people playing MirrorMorph, this aside the deck had an amazing performance. I knew the deck would do great because of my Belgium nats run with it, changing only -1 greasing for +1 sublim to get even more credits out of thin air, getting the id trigger every turn. The unknown factor helps a ton, people see MirrorMorph and just don't know what to expect, I even had 2 games where the runner manually discarded Light The Fire early because they didn't know I was a skunk void deck. The main idea of the deck is "You can't pinhole everything" people don't have enough pinholes to pinhole: skunk, void AND MCA.

My run:

On the first day, I went 3-3 with this deck. Wins against 2 hoshiko's, 1 Freedom. Losses against 2 hoshiko's: the first loss I got light the fired and later in the game Hermes bounced back a double advanced ikawah. The second loss I don't remember much. My third loss was against Lat, I had the game, It was 4 points to 0 but I just couldn't find any agenda's to score, I drew like crazy and nothing. Of course when the Lat got setup with a conduit all the agenda's just got stolen out of R&D.

On the second day I went 3-0: wins against Arissana, Sable and Lat.

If Hoshiko is banned and anarach is less popular, watch out for this deck, it demolishes shaper and non-swift sable crims. In the swift sable matchup you can't really contest the clicks of the runner, making MCA and M.I.C less impactful.

I really really love this community, I'm so thankful I got to know this game 1,5 years go, this game is really something special. Thanks to all the volunteers, NSG members and all the players attending the event. Barcelona was awesome!

17 Oct 2023 koga

Had a lot of fun during our game on sunday, it was super tight until I made the last silly mistake. Congrats on the placement! ^^