The wife, the mistress, RDI and green balls (2-3 15th Italia

Drager 52

Went 2-3 at the Italian national The deck performed quite good with slower decks, poorly against faster decks. The Wife, the Mistress are the heart of this deck and can be Hostaged out. R&D Interface and The green balls ensures the stong late game.

Round 1: lost vs argus - stole the winning agenda (for the corp) but killed immediately afterwards because tags

Round 2: lost vs Sportsmetal combo - at 3 points made a run for 6 cards in rnd. No luck. He closed with the usual fastbreak combo

Round 3: won vs Chronos Protocol complete image - a very long, very tiring match. I was careful not to do any stupid mistakes and going slow not to have my cards sniped from me

Round 4: lost vs ACME - too fast, didn’t draw fat enough my IB

Round 5: won vs Sportsmetal combo - with rdi closed the game - my opponent would have probably won the turn afer