Skandrino 10

Not sure if SYNC rerouting works with ID. Might replace with some tag punishment.

possible: Veritas

2 Dec 2019 pang4

SYNC Rerouting works with GameNet ^^ Because it is a "when a run begins" ability rather than an additional cost, the Run has already started by the time the ability triggers, giving you the GNcredit if the runner pays.

2 Dec 2019 gilesdavis

I wasn't sold on the ID at all, but this actually looks super fun.

2 Dec 2019 ptc

What he said ^

7 Dec 2019 tonybluehose

Incoming Dumb Question: If a corp card, like IP Block causes the runner to spend money on a trace, does that count as "spending money?" Is a subroutine a card ability?

9 Dec 2019 aureates

@tonybluehose, fairly certain that spending into a trace counts for the ID.