The Best IG at East Coast Nationals

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miss you brian

Hi, it's me again, The Man with the IG Tattoo.

I played yesterday in Real US Nationals aka The Nationals of the Eastern Coast of the Nation aka PAX Unplugged, and I did pretty mediocrely overall. This IG deck was my Corp. It was the last major tournament before Industrial Genomics rotates next week, so I figured it was a good opportunity for one last ride with this, one of my favorite identities. Going 3-2 with this deck, I ended up the best IG on the day because, well... I was the only IG at the tournament. Apparently because people think clicking for credits and slowly net damaging someone in the most boring fashion possible was superior to this deck. (Which it demonstrably was).

The list is just your standard VLC IG deck and I don't need to explain that, as it's not really anything I contributed to. @rongydoge shared the list with me, which I took and tweaked a lot in testing (cutting CSRs, adding Snare!s, fooling around with ice, etc). ... and then completely untweaked everything so now it's back to being just one card off of @rongydoge's list. So, hey, did I mention this isn't really even my list? Why am I sharing it? I'm a fraud. Anyway, I put a Komainu in here mainly so I could play one of the dog Komainu alts I've got -- I rezzed the Komainu once on the day and it was a decent tax, but I lost that game anyway.

The distinguishing feature of this deck is the dual currents, with 2x Enforced Curfew and 2x Cerebral Statics, both in @rongydoge's list. The Curfews are standard and won me two games, while the Cerebral Static was purely a Freedom tech card that I should have used a bit more broadly (it could have helped me vs @ctz's 419, but I just didn't think to play it, I played a Smoke but had the kill combo ready very early -- the rest of my opponents were on Val, so it became facedown fodder).

The Cerebral Static only won me one game on the day, but it was versus the one Freedom I faced, so it did its job. Weird game -- my opponent was on MaxX and drew into their Rebirth very early. Knowing that MaxX's ability wasn't going to be much help in the long run vs. a grindy IG game, they wisely Rebirthed into Freedom early (even though the only virus in their deck was Aumakua). I then dropped the Cerebral Static down and it didn't last more than 3-4 turns, but it was a significant tempo-contributor for me -- with 7-8 cards facedown and no easy trash for Freedom, I was able to dissuade runs on my board, as well as keep a Rashida on the board for longer than I would have otherwise. I was able to bluff a Psychic Field as a Rashida, got a Rashida off, let a Bacterial Programming get stolen to draw up my Bio-Ethics and kill combo cards, and it was over pretty quickly after that.

Anyway, thanks to @rongydoge for sharing this list. I'm sad that IG's rotating, and I'm also sad that I was the only player on it at this tournament. It felt lonely being the last person repping this, one of the very great identities this game ever had. But, it was nice to finally have a game where a Cerebral Static was consequential, a card that's also rotating which never really had its day in the sun.

Farewell, sweet genomics division.

8 Dec 2019 rongydoge

I'd be remiss not to credit @twisty_b as the source of the list and @paranoid31 before that.

Props for carrying IG home to rest (facedown) one last time.

8 Dec 2019 scd

yes yes, credit where credit's due! i just wanted to make sure you got credit for the cstatic anti-freedom tech! thanks again!