The King's Money Mulch (1st At Feb 3rd 2023 AMT)

Utati 83

Liberated's good, the twinning's good and I wanted a smaller deck size so no tech cards.

Huge thanks to all my opponents, to Ysengrin and Droid for organising the tourney and Utati for oracling!

-The King


R2 Vs funkeyman232 on PD

R4 Vs AugustusCeasar on Pravdivost (Accessing 8 points off one r&d run in turn 6 :p) (There doesn't seem to have been a replay made for this one unfortunately, it was on NSG's stream though.)

R6 Vs ColdLava On Ob

Final Vs Porkobolo On Outfit

7 Feb 2024 London

The link to the prav game is wrong, it points to sable vs you on OB.

7 Feb 2024 Utati

Thanks for the heads up, I've updated it. Unfortunately it looks like there wasn't a replay for that round. That or it's expired on jnet for me. Though this game was on the NSG stream thankfully.

15 Feb 2024 Bella Bennett

I've made the necessary updates. Unfortunately, it seems there wasn't a replay available for that round, or it may have expired on Jnet for me. However, the good news is that this game was featured on the NSG hill climb racing stream, so it's still accessible.