Dangerous Game

deleriad 104

Completely undefeated anywhere in the world, this deck is. (Admittedly that's because I haven't actually played it yet.)

The basic idea is to invite the runner to play a game of death or glory: their death or your glory. It's a pretty standard punitive deck. I decided to switch down to two punitives and 2 Visits in order to make room for a Warroid. It seems to me that the Warroid really hurts stargate decks but also does a lot of heavy lifting in any remote with GameNet's ID. Particularly fun in a remote with a Prisec.

The 15 Minutes enables you to score out is the runner is coward but it may be better to make room for more HHNs.

Exploda is there to help with exploding. Pretty much every agenda the runner steals gives you money or costs the runner money.

Not sure about Sync Rerouting but it's in to give it a run out. NAPD Cordon may be a better option or, you know, more Hard Hitting News.

12 Dec 2019 Skandrino

Would swap out explode-a-palooza for Quantum (works well with Data Raven), always better to have 20 agenda points I think. Can always take out an econ card for second HHN.

Nice deck for the rest.

12 Dec 2019 ilksvorbern

Only tested SYNC rerouting once, but the runner just paid 4 before running my remote and stole the agenda anyway. I think Cordon is better because it affects each time they try to steal.

13 Dec 2019 deleriad

@Skandrino you may well be right. QPM helps with the score out approach while Exploda helps the punitive kill if stolen. @ilksvorbernI strongly suspect you are right. NAPD Cordon looks like it is simply better 99/100 times.