Operation: Lockdown • Cost: 0 • Trash: 2 • Influence: 0

Play only if there is no active lockdown. This operation is not trashed until your next turn begins.

As an additional cost to steal an agenda, the Runner must pay 4credit, plus 2credit for each advancement token on that agenda.

Crisis is the true test of loyalty. Kick the anthill and see where the ants swarm.
Neutral • Olie Boldador • Uprising 130
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NAPD Cordon
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  • NISEI Uprising Release Notes [NISEI Rules Team]

    If the Runner steals Bellona with 2 advancement counters on it while NAPD Cordon is active, how many different costs do they pay? How many times can the Corp trigger GameNET?

    The Corp can trigger GameNET only once. The Runner pays an additional cost of 8[c] due to NAPD Cordon and an additional cost of 5[c] due to Bellona, but the Runner pays both costs simultaneously for a total of 13[c]. Since the total cost to steal Bellona is paid all at once, Corp card abilities caused the Runner to spend credits only 1 time.


Inspired by NAPD Contract, this is the most straightforward lockdown and probably somewhere in the middle in terms of power. I think it is better than SYNC Rerouting (most runners have answers for tags and paying 4 to ignore the effect is manageble) and Argus Crackdown (unless the corp has Border Control and/or Cayambe Grid) but worse than NEXT Activation Command (just a solid tax) and Hyoubu Precog Manifold (Caprice on demand can be game changing, even if it is only one turn).

Probably best used with a 4/2, since you can install, advance, play this. Now the agenda costs 6 extra credits to steal. It is also solid to install a 5/3, bluffing an asset, and then double advance and play NAPD Cordon on the next turn. Even more mean if the agenda is Bellona. You want to spend 13 credits on that?

Obviously Film Critic is this card's worst nightmare, but then again, she is that for many. Be sure to have an out if your deck relies on this event.

(Uprising era)