B-COM Sports (9W-1L)

ayyyliens 585

The same combosports I played at the German nats team event. Except I added in tranquilities and restores.

Promised @Slowriffs to play it at the main event if it went undefeated during AoL. It only dropped one game versus Jessie's Maxx after 2 Wantons dumped 12 points in the bin ¯\(ツ)

9 Mar 2020 Slowriffs

Goeien bal.

9 Mar 2020 ToThBeBe

I was waiting for this upload all day :D

9 Mar 2020 ayyyliens

@ToThBeBeEnjoy :D

22 Mar 2020 Simone Suka

how you play versus freaking stargate?

22 Mar 2020 ayyyliens

Ice up. If they can get out their breakers + stargate + money for breaking the ice reliably, they probabaly wont be challenging your board or they had nuts draw. Try to score some agendas from the board or try to combo out a little sooner. There is no secret tactic here. Losing 1 vacheron is doable. If they dont instantly steal just, archive it back to our hand. Often the runners are too poor to keep the stargate lock turn after turn.