Hecking good PD rush deck (2nd @ Finnish RAM async league)

aksu 130

cardpool: Honor and Profit, System Gateway, A Study in Static, Business First, Down the White Nile, Earth's Scion, Fear the Masses, Intervention, Kala Ghoda, Mala Tempora, Midnight Sun, Quorum, Station One, The Liberated Mind.

Went 4-0.

On day1 when the card pool was listed. I called that PD and boat shaper where the top IDs. And I made my decks basically on day1 and only changed them little bit after that.

Other corp candidates I wanted to try out where

  • Red glacier palana. Really promising on paper but there was just not enough solid taxing ice to stop the runner.

  • wayland asset spam. Promising start but ran to consistency problems and trying to actually materialize all the assets to a win was really tough

  • Pravdivost midrange(All credit to Joni on creating it). Solid midrange deck that placed 1 advancement cards in a taxing remote and ran down the runners econ. This deck actually felt nice and If there was no PD I might have brought this deck.

I was not around when system update 2021 was released and did not get to see when PD was the top dog of the meta but I had heard things about it (shout out to slumscast episode 21) and played against it couple of times.

  • Agenda suite: "Hmmmm SSL endorsement seems really good🤔🤔" >play couple of test games > "wtf how was this ever allowed". So basically all the tempo positive 2/4 agendas + all the busted agendas in the set. No real complaints here.

  • Assets: yep its the classic three spinny doctors chilling out. First I had 3 nico campaings in the deck but they clogged up my remote and slowed me down so I cut them.

  • Operations: typical max amount of econ and 3 seamless launch to allow score unadvanced 2/4s. Fast track was huge card for this deck. It allowed me to keep one "agenda" in hand the whole game and when there was a scoring opportunity just plonking something down.

  • Upgrades: classic managarm void to make remote super taxing. Bryan stinson had carried my play test games. It never managed the same heights in the tournament but I still think he was a valuable inclusion. Getting +16 or more credits in a turn is just so good.

  • ICE suite: All of the really good system update ice. never got to install brainstorm but the idea of scoring 5 brain damage on a face check felt good in a faction where face checks are often not that bad. Echo is bad don't play it with no other harmonic ICE. During all play testing I had thought that it can't be that bad its basically a vanilla but can gain extra subroutines. Until the first game against AxWill when I learned that vanilla actually costs 0credits to install. Whoops.

My favourite play from the league was against Markus where I installed a second managarm skunksworks in a remote server as a agenda bait. Creating me a scoring window on next two turns.

Thanks everyone for participating. There is no net runner without people to play it against.

Gratz for AxWill for winning. I cant better myself in the game if there was no good competetion.

And last but not least thanks Joni! I don't think I had any chance to place out this high if you where not there to play test games against.