Punished Leela - 1st at Montreal J-Net Tournament

formerteen 1131

you know. like punished snake. because i'm playing a stealth deck. i'm bad at deck names, okay?

this was the online tournament to replace montreal's plague-cancelled store champs. this deck, along with good ol' biotech, came in first. stealth + gang sign leela was the first deck i ever did well with, so it's nice to be playing it again. it dropped its first game in swiss against a strong sportsmetal player. it won its next 3 games and then won its single game in the cut.

the deck does exactly what you think it does: apply careful pressure with diversion of funds, embezzle, pad tap, and leela's ability. install gang signs to make scoring more uncomfortable. over time, set up your stealth rig, and make it impossible for them to keep you out.

all that said... the list is a bit of a mess. it's 46 cards (i am so sorry) and it still needs more cards: another special order, another career fair, another bravado, another dirty laundry, another class act, maybe a hostage. i have no idea what to drop. once upon a time, it played crowdfunding and there was room for many more slots, but those days are long past. if anyone fools around with the list and gets it running tighter, please let me know! alternatively, if you have any questions about my card choices, fire away.

29 Mar 2020 lukesim3

I have a question about your card choices: why do you play Mushin?

29 Mar 2020 el-zilcho

Same question.

29 Mar 2020 formerteen

@lukesim3``@el-zilcho because i am broken inside

31 Mar 2020 ctz

Always a fan and never disappointed. Good work!

2 Apr 2020 Gerrark

For being a stealth deck, you have so so so much money. Perhaps cut a Kati and perhaps even a Casts for that Class Act? If you're that worried about tags, I love On the Lam, personally.

2 Apr 2020 Gerrark

Btw, sorry if the above comment implies dislike of the deck. As a longtime Leela lover, I love how this deck leans into her long established strength of slowing the game down and actually does something with it, rather than just sitting back.

2 Apr 2020 formerteen

@Gerrarki didn't read any ill will, no worries! i don't think i could cut the kati since it has saved me quite a few times and it's very strong against econ warfare and reversed accounts. turning a daily casts into a class act is a good idea though, i think! on the lam is also a good call, although i'm not sure how i'd find the slots.

honestly, i still don't find it has enough money! i still find myself wanting more laundries/bravado/career fair. it is possible that this is a quirk of my playstyle though and i'm just quite inefficient with my spending. i also have recently turned the corroder into a makler and the MU safecrackers into the turning wheel, so now i sort need even more money...

if you end up trying the deck, let me know how it goes!

16 Apr 2020 spags

Only 21 resources thumbs down