Mushins for Montreal - 1st at Montreal J-Net Tournament

formerteen 1130

you already know what it is.

this was the online tournament to replace montreal's store champs, which was cancelled due to the ongoing world-consuming plague. this deck, along with a stealth leela, came in first. originally, i wasn't going to play biotech at this tournament, as i find it difficult to read my opponents when playing online (even with voice chat). but then andrej read our meta to filth and my fate was sealed.

the deck dropped its first game in swiss. it drew no money or ice and i just got stomped. it happens. it won the next 3 rounds and then won both its games in the cut. honestly, the original list is probably still better than this one, but splashing some surprise ganks was just too funny to pass up. kakurenbo is also a very fun include, though i'm still not sure what it should replace in the original list. dropping scarcity was almost certainly a mistake.

let me know if you have any questions about the list.

29 Mar 2020 s.fritzi

Never got the chance to play against this but watched Andrej's stream of the final and this thing is an unholy terror. Very well-deserved win!

29 Mar 2020 Krasty

Congratz to you result with this kind of deck!
Did you ever think about Otoroshi in this deck?
2 Ganked! and no Komainu is weird.. :o)

29 Mar 2020 Krasty

and now I see, you cut yours "do not take this card out of the deck. it will win you games" .. I mean Localized Product Line of course... why you cut it?

29 Mar 2020 formerteen

@Krasty i think komainu could work, especially with ganked! i love that interaction. i usually try to hit them with an anansi with ganked, but it's similar idea. otoroshi isn't bad, especially as cheap ice, though my guess is that runners will usually just pay the 3c to get through. the extra advancements usually won't help the corp much.

i probably shouldn't have cut LPL, honestly! but this deck was meant to be a fun slight twist on the old list so i just wanted to play with the influence. as i said, the old list is probably better, but i wanted to throw some surprises into this one and ganked was just too funny to pass up.