Reclaimed Buffer Adam

chaosof99 33

I'll just buffer

After being absent for 9+ months I returned to the game. I've been searching for a Runner deck for a bit, trying all sorts of things and checking out what new cards are doing. While browsing NRDB I stumbled across some adam lists that intrigued me. The first by errantmage entitled Creativity Buffer Bombs used Buffer Drive in Adam to get bigger mileage out of Emergent Creativity, as it allows to search for a program you just discarded. This plus Buffer Drives inate ability of hosing grindy Corp decks made it very appealing to me.

The second list I stumbled across was Always B·COM Adam by ToTheBee which used Reclaim to buy back primarily Logic Bombs. Reclaim has a discard as a cost to activate, so it seemed like it would work well alongside Buffer Drive, so this is my attempt at combining these two concepts.

Unfortunately that means some sacrifices as well. For one, there is no greater multi-access cards in here, though Find the Truth does a good job on its own. Secondly, the economy takes a slight hit by removing Rezeki to save on influence and going back to RNG Key, a card that has fallen out of favor. Still does a decent job though even if it is a little bit less reliable (but a lot more fun).