osclate's Mwanza Sync won me a tiny event

Sanjay 3080

Mwanza City Grid is so stupid and I love it and so does my good friend Laura, who is also extremely good at Netrunner.

This deck is her invention.

We've just been putting Mwanza in everything and having a great time. It's a comically low one influence so you can pretty much do whatever you want with it except put it in Custom Biotics. In playing the card, Laura's had some pretty excellent insights about the card. The principle one is this:

While force-feeding the runner more accesses than they are ready for is hilarious and can win you games, the really powerful thing about the card is that it gives you a massive credit swing. 10 is a lot of credits! And if they trash Mwanza so you don't KEEP getting money, that's a 15 credit swing.

So while every corp cares about relative credit totals, corps that really really care about them, like ones on a Hard-Hitting News plan, especially appreciate Mwanza. Without tech, the runner must choose between either never running a central again or giving you a massive stack of cash, both of which can be disastrous.

It's like a Targeted Marketing for running.

Laura was kind enough to let me borrow her Mwanza Sync list for a Hactivist Tournament, and thanks to it going 2-1, and an undefeated Khan deck, I won an individual Netrunner event for the first time ever.