Knights, Batty and a Buttler on a Helheim Trip

D4KEN 136

Took this to a small SC in Bielefeld. I love the ID and wanted to create a fast Rush Deck. Agroplex help to draw into Grail Pieces, Jeeves is for Never Advance or Mask an Obokata as Nisei playstyles. The Deck went well - lost only 1 Game in 5 Rounds of Swiss. But my Runner performed badly so i finished Place 8th.

Round 1 vs Smoke -Win

Round 2 vs KIT - Win

Round 3 vs Smoke - Win

Round 4 vs Maxx - Lose
This was an incredible game. Turn one Install Jeeves and Nisei and play Hedge. Could Score the Nisei turn 2 as suprise but this cost me - Runner Maw me some turns and my Grail gone in the bin

Round 5 vs Sunny - Win

If you want a fast Deck and don't expect MAW and Bhagat you should give this a try. It's very fun. Special thanks to esutter, he helped me with some decision for the ICE Setup.