May the resource be with you


Since the Lockdown Started we have weekly friendly meetup. Our local Gent Meta decided to spice things up and give each other deck building challenges.

I got Oracle May from @Manicmoleman.

First I tried the sensible build with Paragon but @Rotage called me boring and said I should try something funny.

So next up was an all-in Oracle May deck. You always call Resource and if you hit a program it's fine because it's a bin breaker.

Deck won me 2 out of 3 games. Was a fun time

4 May 2020 ayyyliens

Does not contain Spoilers 0/10

4 May 2020 Daddy249Kart

I really like the creativity and efficiency of this deck! 10/10 Did you have a tough time finding the Oracle and if so, how much did your economy slow down?

4 May 2020 FREDPI

@Daddy249Kart deck is fast enough with all the draw. Off-campus + street peddler mostly is enough.

It's a fun deck not top tier :) but I've gotten a few good laughs from it

@ayyyliens yeah never thought of spoilers, maybe I'll make room for it next week.

7 May 2020 Nimo

Don't want to encounter Slot Machines with this deck.

9 May 2020 MergeBandit

Hope for no Scarcity!

9 May 2020 rotage

Yeah we discussed scarcity and pretty sure my answer was hope they don't play it. Which is my usual answer for problems with any deck

10 May 2020 zmb

I tested this. I can confirm, people DO run scarcity :p

14 May 2020 Shiro1981

@FREDPI @ayyyliens We could create a list of weird cards for Runners and Corps and organize an event where everyone gets one for each side randomly to build decks with... could be fun!