Mawampopus - 2nd at Budapest Regional

Bandura 307

The deck went 4-1 during the day. The only narrow loss was against EtF who was able to Biotic away at game point.

It's an absolute beast to play - much more so after I played in the tournament. I saw a number of variations on and in here including siphons / temujins on the economy side and the datasucker/yog package on the breaker side (against Fairchild presumably).

I cannot tell you how gratifying the decision to save influence for 2x Rumor Mill felt throughout the tournament.

Also, with a little bit cautious play, Femme Fatale beats Fairchild 3.0 all the time!

27 Jun 2017 Rodge

Ooooh, I was the only one to win as corp v this deck? I can understand that, it was an incredibly oppressive Runner deck to face. Runner starting with a Magnum Opus in this deck is just scary, as it's hard to compete financially after that. Frantic coding was an amazing card to get through your deck quickly and get the pieces in play.