Salvaged Palana

CritHitd20 5442

I don't think I'll be playing in an event any time soon, but if I were this is what I would play. This Palana is extremely fast and resilient, able to combat a lot of popular cards and playstyles at the cost of having poor ability to come back from behind. I wanted a corp with as good a starting hand as possible so that you can chain your etr effects behind La Costa, compared to other Palana decks I have made that opt to create more of a lock.

The main innovation is the agenda suite, which I consider to be exceptional. The idea of playing both Nisei and Cyberdex is correct, but you do not need to play 6 unprotected agendas to get the effects you situationally need. 2x Fast Track ensure that you have higher odds of seeing the agenda you want than playing 3x of both, and you shouldn't ever be scoring more than 2 copies of Nisei or Cyberdex anyways. We replace the excess agendas with a Future Perfect, which is incredible defense and makes winning off of centrals a hell of a challenge.

Border Control and Surveyor are the two best ice in the game for glacier right now, so I leaned extremely hard on them. Tollbooth is another strong option, but I like this just fine now and would only swap if you find an excess of midrun Parasites eating your Border Controls. I don't think anything else in the deck needs explanation. Sorry it isn't really relying on Salvaged cards, but take solace in that this deck is stronger against Medium than Stargate, and better against Prepaid than Rezeki, and better against Indexing than RDI. You got this.