Entrance to Apocalypse (1st at B-COM 2020)

Longi 1715

end is near

This is the deck that helped me to unleash the Apocalypse in Barcelona. It was my very first tournament with this archetype. I did not choose to play it because it is kind of thematic right now (the COVID-19 outbreak) nor because I think it is a good meta-call (actually, I think just the opposite, given the number of Border Controls, Crisium Grids and False Leads floating around).

The reason was much simpler. I sucked at playing against apo decks so I chose to get to know the enemy. Firstly, I tried apo Alice because I liked the havoc it could wreak. Soon enough I realised I was playing too aggressively from the start in order to exploit her ID ability and later on I had problem to carry out the apoc plan in time. So I switched to Val. I tried the version with 9 bin breakers but it seemed kind of slow. The Eater version seemed faster and you do not loose Eater to Inject anymore. Speaking of Inject, I consider Making an Entrance a worthy (not equal) replacement for this build. The rest of the deck is not innovative either. I tweaked with numbers of cards like Stargate, Wanton Destruction, Amped Up and Hacktivist Meeting and settled on two copies of everything. Nothing special there.

The deck went 4:2 in the swiss defeating Titan, PE and ASA and 2:0 in the cut defeating GameNet and Azmari. The losses came from ASA navigated by @reinamorada and from Azmari played by @Metamatik. You can find the swiss match against ASA and both cut games on stream.

Finally, I would like to say one thing. Winning the tournament was amazing but experiencing the whole event was priceless. Big thanks to all participants for making it such a blast and even bigger thanks to organisers for making it happen. @Mar, @Vesper, @Caesar and @Jakuza, you guys were terrific and you have outdone yourself. Thanks for what you do for the NR community and for keeping this wonderful game alive!

11 Mar 2020 yluras

Seeing you landing those Apocs was awesome! Thank you for coming, hope to see you again soon!

11 Mar 2020 Longi

Hey, thanks. And thanks for having us! See you soon;)

12 Mar 2020 Tradon

GZ on winning! I like it, that everyone is now playing apoc with making an entrance :D

And yes, Eater is most definately the better call :)

13 Mar 2020 Longi

@Tradon Thank you. I think that if you want to play apo deck now, then Making an Entrance is kind of mandatory. There is no other sufficient substitute. We used to play that card when it came out in Alice decks and it was super good, even when Inject was around.

13 Mar 2020 Longi

@Tradon I see you you finished 10th with basically the same deck at German Nats, except you were on bin breakers. Apparently, we came to same conclusion about Eater :)

13 Mar 2020 Tradon

@Longi yep,

I didn't really test anything before nats and went with an old build from mid-2019 - And then I just thought: "why not mae for the missing inject" - and it kind of worked xD

I tested a bit more afterwards for french nats and definately agree that eater is a better solution, even if that makes mae a bit worse again