Implementing Ashes Shaper Bullshit (Worlds 2020, 23th at 1B)

wiserunner 272


Start with two Rezekis on table, then get some Talut, Paules and Simulchips and start to install and reinstall breakers to pass ICE for cheap!

12 Oct 2020 bowlsley

Oh my, I think I'm in love. How did it play on the day?

12 Oct 2020 wiserunner

Thank you! :D

It worked very well. If you can steal an agenda early you are very well suited for the late game.

Good economy from Rezekis and Aesops. Good disruption with Maw. Good breakers with Chips, Talut, Pelangi and Gauss Good win condition with Khusyuk.

12 Oct 2020 wiserunner

You can see the magic of this deck on time: 6 hours: 20 minutes in the last run of the match.

17 Oct 2020 Saan

I was really pulling for you to do well! I need more Shaper love in the top tables. The faction is hurting!

Grats on your placenent!

4 Dec 2020 Xandorius

Hello! How much value do you find your Paule's Café gets in your deck? Is it more of a storage place for things while you're drawing and setting up pieces? I'm not seeing its strength overall

11 Jan 2021 wiserunner

Hi Xandorius, it helps you installing the breaker you need mid-run. Also lets you install Maw with Stimhack. In the late game it gives you some discount on the installs.