Mooninites, 1st Place Tulsa Regional 2017

itsbigfoot 2805

Brought to you by :triangular_ruler:

This is card for card Jonas's list from last week, I'd like to say i tweaked it but it's pretty close to optimal on it's own. It lives through most hate by rushing harder than you think you should be rushing, and can score out in 7-8 turns with the right start. The most annoying matchup involved vamp, apoc, hacktivist, rumor mill and slums, the rest didn't score points. Expect to see this win a lot of regionals in the near future.

There is no regional 2017 button yet so it will be marked as 2016 for now

Notes on the deck: Successful Field Test is what wins the game for you, it sets up a next turn score and can just end the game after popping estelle, do not cut it. Shipment from mirrormorph might be better as a 1of as you really want a jeeves on the board. rfg is slow and inefficient in hosing the deck, you want fast central pressure and hacktivist meeting.

15 May 2017 misu007

Is Film Critic an issue for this deck?

15 May 2017 gozik


15 May 2017 misu007

are you sure? as far as i can see lakshmi is the only way it scores..

15 May 2017 Crunchums


2x Caprice Nisei ●●●●● ●●●

1x Biotic Labor

15 May 2017 ANRguybrush

Don't forget shell game with or without jeeves.

If you install 6 new remotes in one turn, they can't check em all.

15 May 2017 itsbigfoot

lakshmi is one of the backup plans, plan A is rush out behind 1-2 ice while they deal with the asset spam. FC can be annoying but it's not particularly awful and only gets really annoying with rumor mill.

19 May 2017 misu007

rush behind 1-2 ice? you have 9ice in total , and you have to protect the centrals as well... and putting 6 servers down and 'hoping' they miss the agenda doesnt like a reliable strategy. and caprice without ice to protect her? how long can she live..

19 May 2017 itsbigfoot

Ice your favorite central, second ice goes on remote. Depending on the matchup you can go straight to remote. Also you draw a lot of cards and tend to hit the second ice pretty quick.