The Safest of Shell Games

CritHitd20 4879

Every advanceable card in this deck is something you want installed...and most of them have restrictive trash costs. So, the game plan:

Install two cards, ideally both iced. Runner runs one and you Prav the other. Now they access a card with a high trash cost like Vig or Grid that isn't advanced and they'll have to trash it without you having invested in it or they'll run it again after it gets advanced. Then they have to run the other card or (hopefully) they are tuckered out and cannot get in. If they don't run to punish you for your choice of ID, use Seamless and make them regret their decisions! This iteration of the deck probably isn't perfect since I have never played it, but I'll try it a bunch after the cards go on Jnet and refine from there.

What do you mean this loses to Ms Bones?

23 Jul 2022 ChrisFerg

+1 <3 for "tuckered out"

23 Jul 2022 CritHitd20

I didn't think this deck would be anything other than a proof, but I'm "undefeated on Jnet" with it! So...I'm wrong! Yay! I think I want Funhouse in some quantity for the remotes to make runs more taxing later. Vasilisa is worse than expected but not bad, Mestinchestvo is better than expected. I want to consider dropping the Drago BOOM! plan and adding a Psycho or something similar so I can play more Fully Operationals and 1-2 more ICE.