Looking for Pet (9th @ Dutch Nationals)

Saintis 378

Whizzard with Desperado and Meese is good against Moons.

Almost straight copy of Nemaniah's Looking for Pet deck. Dropped one Bloo Moose for a second Slums. Went 3/6 on the day.


  1. Win against Joyce on EtF Glacier

  2. Win against Elodius' spicy Moons

  3. Loss against Magnetar's AgInfusion

  4. Loss against my brother (Hoclor) on SYNC

  5. Loss against Jonny on Hydra AgInfusion

  6. Win against Praetor on Moons

Moose was MVP, very strong econ. The second Slums didn't help much, should probably be a Plascrete or Sports Hopper to help against SYNC instead.

Playing against AgInfusion is hard. Especially without practice. Some cutlery might help...