Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (1st - Manchester GNK)

HiddenAway 871

Full credit for this build should go to Andy (same old things on Slack). The name comes from the heavy amount of Criminal influence used alongside Devil Charm, which I had slept on until Andy showed this deck to me. The synergy with a freshly purged Aumakua is quite powerful and combining it with Hippo makes it even better. Alongside this, datasuckers also allow you to recover faster and you should try to install both if possible.

Aside from that, this deck uses the companions and Keiko to bolster Hoshiko's economy and save on costly resources like Earthrise Hotel or Liberated Account. If Scarcity sticks early though, you may have problems contesting centrals. You need to aim for flipping your ID each turn and yoyo the aggression as much as possible. Don't be afraid to not flip from the Mahou side if a central is open. Stargate is the only real multi-access in this deck, but I only installed it once in the 3 games I played.

If you want to cut down to 45 cards, an Earthrise Hotel might be worth cutting due to the draw Hoshiko already gives you. I'm open to other ideas though as I struggled when I saw this version of the deck.

This went 2-1 on the day, losing to CtM (lost due to time and not checking a triple advanced remote) while beating 2 variants of Earth Station (the second due to an unfortunate agenda flood on the corp side though).