Zoya the Orchestrated Destroya (22nd Dutch Nationals)

Menghini 37

Thanks to this deck:https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/52087/zoya-the-destroya-g-l-o-w-8th-fl-regionals , I had a nice deck to bring to the tournament. It went 3-2. Winning from HB Sportsmetal, NBN Azmari and Weyland Argus.

I really loved the ICE trashing ability, but that didn't trigger so much. The key cards for this deck were the Quetzal ability, surfer and Laamb. In comparison with the Original deck, I added Hactivist meeting for some more free trashing and a Black Orchestra. That last one helped me out online (when I lost all my Laambs), but was never of any use in the tournament. So I guess that one can go for sure.

A solid deck, but the card draw cards should not be at the bottom of your deck. ;)