Andy's Last Crush (5th UK Nats 2017)

Drago 366

Crush... Turtles... yeah?

Duuuuude. Turtles. Awesome.

18 Sep 2017 ZiNOS

Why not add a Caldera? Auto win vs IG if you manage to find the Caldra and the Aeneas Informants. Run 4 times for 12-16 creds each turn, prevent the damage and with the slow gain of creds empty their remotes.

18 Sep 2017 Drago

@ZiNOS Agreed, good combo if you can assemble it. So the card I would consider switchable would be the Citadel Sanctuary, however it combos better with the deck generally I feel. Flavour for your meta? I expected more Sync Boom than IG; ended up with one of each.

19 Sep 2017 ZiNOS

Actually not that hard to assemble. Draw for these cards and eco. Never draw on 4th click in case you draw something important and it gets sniped. Won some games with this tech easily, also enforced loyalty proof.