Freemium GameNET - 5th APAC Continentals

Inactivist 405

Okay yes this is just Gamercoats with Crisiums, you can go now.

I stole it from Rjorb's testing with the A/NZ Superfriendos because it has a decently strong 419 game, which I lost a couple key games to, and a strong game against Apoc Anarchs, of which I saw none. It aims for a slow and dependable glacier late-game, but instead I used it to score out in the last ten minutes of the final round to make the cut (that one's on stream). The Biovaults are great defensive upgrades that I barely had time to fire. Leaving out the Pre-emptive was a mistake. I barely ever remembered to fire the ID on Bellona steals.

Essentially I played this deck wrong for two days. Anyway, it only lost two games. Go figure.

27 Jul 2020 vesper

OP is OP, please nerf.

Good showing! One day, GameNET shall be automated on JNET and then... fwoooosh!