SOCR3 Apoc Steve 3rd/4th

x3r0h0ur 8877

My Swiss runner for the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 3 tournament.

Went 3/1 in swiss dropping first game to brain rewiring kill. I changed this for Elim to the next Steve list I'll post. The entire top cut was jinteki, so changes had to be made. It turned out that Apoc still would have been better. Never cut apoc. Landed 4 apocs and was prepped to do another but won instead. The dream is alive in SanSan. Feel free to play this at worlds CR :)

31 Oct 2017 PureFlight

Yeah, this was surprisingly brutal in the games I saw it in. And had you kept Apoc against my PE, I think you could have seriously messed up my board. I would definitely consider running this next CR tourney.