Always B·COM Adam (3rd place)

ToThBeBe 624

Before I write anything else thanks for all the people involved in B·COM it was a huge blast getting to know all of you and it was an awesome event (see my corp list). Also congrats to @Longi for bringing home the trophy! Awesome job!

This is my bioroid that I took to 3rd place at B·COM. It didnt do too well in the team event only beating PE, but the main event went better winning against boom Mirrormorph, NASX Asa and Gamenet in the swiss (+2 ID) and Mushin Palana in the cut only to lose to Argus, because I went too defensive with EC-ing out a misdirection maybe too early and Longi had rushed out while I was drawing for breakers.

The deck does the same as it did at worlds, pressure HQ, snipe agendas off of RnD with Find the Truth and contest remotes with Logic Bomb. I talked about most of my changes since in my worlds writeup so I only write about a few choices here:

Odore: I was expecting more Tour Guides (I think only I was on RP the whole tournament so whoops), but its not terrible against most sentries. Its not great against str4 sentries, like Data Raven and Winchester, and It might makes the case for playing a Datasucker, but overall I'm happy with it.

Kati: I needed to dump the liberateds for Odore and Reclaims, so I needed some extra money in the deck and Kati does the job well. I didnt use her too much, but when I needed to she did the job.

TTW: I dont think I installed it even once so I might dump them for datasuckers or buffer drives. I think it is good in specific matchups like spombo maybe labbes Earth Station and combo asa but other than that I just very often dont find the right time to install them. I need to play around with this.

Overall I think Adam still is in a good place. Doesnt have truly terrible matchups (also not too many easy ones :) ) and very few people expect the aggression that Adam can provide.

Thanks for all my opponents it was a pleasure running with you at B·COM. Hope to see every one of you at other events!

9 Mar 2020 Longi

Hey man, I am not sure Adam is in a good place in general but it surely is in your hands. Congrats on amazing performance.

10 Mar 2020 Saja_PL

Congratulations on the result.

10 Mar 2020 errantmage

Can you say why you prefer Reclaim to Buffer Drive? The cost is significant, but the influence opens a little more room.

10 Mar 2020 ToThBeBe

@errantmage full disclosure, I havent tried buffer drive yet.

Its not a decision between the 2 I dont think. Reclaims are not primarily for the programs, although as a failsafe they are nice. They are mostly for logic bombs. I will drop the TTW-s before I drop the reclaims.

But also outside of the grindy Jinteki matchups I just dont think the use case for Buffer drives at all. You need to draw it install it for 3 then draw an EC and a program you are not willing to just thrash (I happily thrash Multithreaders, Rezekis and extra Brain chips the games rarely go that long that it matters at all) and even then I dont think you even make a profit on them (1 click to draw it 1 click + 3 creds to install, 2 clicks to draw EC and the program, 2 clicks + 2 credits to play)

10 Mar 2020 adquen

@ToThBeBe: I think @errantmage was more thinking about the secondary ability on Buffer Drive than the passive one. When you rfg the Buffer Drive and use a click to draw the card you just put on top of your stack, it's clickwise the same as Reclaim. It's three to install compared to zero, but you don't need to trash a card from your hand, can recur everything and the draw might even be clickless thanks to your directives. The EC synergy is just an added bonus ...

10 Mar 2020 adquen

Okay, it's not the same clickwise, I now realized Reclaim installs, so you're paying a click more (unless you draw clickless) ...

10 Mar 2020 ToThBeBe

Ye sry my bad, I always forget about that part :D . I dont know I have to try. My problem is that I am super stubborn and hate to change stuff around :D I feel like it is worth the extra influence, but I have to try it out.