Lockdown #16 break for 1c (v3)

SimplyTheOnion 43

This is the runner I piloted to my flawless (o.O) win in the 16th lockdown

( https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/3051/lockdown-16-natures-strangest-lockdown ). huh, didnt expect this to happen

Its a fairly standard value anarch, just playing fair netrunner.

The 2 cards that were included with this particular lockdown banlist in mind are...

Tapwrm: Since rezeki was banned and HHN wasnt I looked for a good alternative for strong drip econ. Tapwrm fit in really well to that niche. I was expecting corps to try and outmoney runners to kill them via HHN + Boom/HPT. Tapwrm capitalizes on that by either slowing the corp down because they need to purge or let me have an extremely strong rezeki that makes it really difficult for them to outmoney me.

Stargate: This wasnt really included because of the banlist but rather the reason why I chose to play an anarch over shaper in general. Simply said spin doctor was banned so the corp would have a really hard time in shuffling back the things I trash.

Id advise against using this list in standard though. Its not tuned for that meta and would likely not be very competitive.

my corp: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/67427/lockdown-16-you-forgot-your-asset-hate