[SOCR4] The Ghetto Desperado 3-2/0-1

x3r0h0ur 8752

4th in swiss, 6th over all (I think)

This is a list made to run cheap through big ice, and make money doing it sometimes. Its super aggro with lots of tricks to sneak in. It did pretty well, and lost in elimination when I didn't read enough of my opponents cards to know what they did!

Highlights were blind-firing 4tman to break 3 ranks of strenght 4 ice, getting paid for 3 ranks of ice paying with bad pub and spinal, and getting cacheback rewards through cyberdelia.

It plays like atman, but most often it uses cy-cy to be agressive and not be taxed. I recommend fixing it before playing it. Over all super fun deck, it went 3-2 in swiss and 0-1 in elim (I think)