Sexy Omar's Weekend Drag (GNK 3rd place)

Rahrhino 139

It's official. Reina is Omar in very convincing drag. By playing Rebirth you are actually ripping off your disguise and proclaiming "IT IS I, OMAR! YOU WERE CHECKING OUT MY BUTT, NOW I PILLAGE YOUR R&D!"

This deck was inspired by the Andy decks that came out during the dark rule of CtM. Turns out NBN is still pretty good and people still play it so it's nice to know you'll have a good chance if you do see one.

Game plan is to pressure early game by forcing expensive ice rezzes and pressuring with Mining Accident. They pay 5? Good... You have more time to set up. They take bad pub? Good, your Security Nexus will get you through ice for free late game. You want the game to go late so you have to force the corp into going slow. Hammer centrals each turn, building up those turning wheel tokens. Then the classic Omar switch.

Click 1: Rebirth into Omar
Click 2: "Freedom through Equality"
Click 3: Omar run
Click 4: Cry if you didn't win

Security Nexus
Yep... Security Nexus and Power Tap in Reina... I didn't think it would work either... But it kinda does. Reina has the magic link and the Archivist in faction. Three link is all you will ever need. In fact, you will never want 5 link because that means you will not be able to fail the trace (gaining 3 from power tap) the Citadel Sanctuary (Gaining another 3 from power tap). Nexus is a safety net early on (you can face check anything knowing you can just take a tag or a pay a few credits to bypass something nasty) and a juggernaut later on (powertap ends up PAYING YOU to bypass their ice).

The Archivist
This was originally a 1-of but that quickly became a 2-of when I realised how much work he does. He's a cheap link, his ability triggers your power taps, his ability fires pretty much EVERY GAME, and I have never seen a corp pay into the trace. A real MVP of the deck. Running into a Quantum Kitty tagged is less painful when you get 3 credits and a bad pub from it.

So the question is Reina or Kim? I decided to go for Reina as it slows the corp down without necessarily needing successful runs on HQ and R&D. You only need to force the Rez to get your value, and with Xanadu you'll find the corp giving up free runs to you early on, letting you build up your turning wheel tokens.

Bad Pub
Bad pub is the fuel to the fire and acts as extra link for your Nexus. It also allows you to install your conspiracy breakers for less, trash things for free, etc, etc... Bad pub is generally awesome.

Film Critic
Film Critic was my unicorn card and it did a lot of work as I saw a lot of Jinteki. It was also very nice to have in protecting my Nexus from Hunter Seeker. Sometimes i wish I had 2...

Spooned is for Fairchild 3.0, Knifed is for Kakugo. They also combo with Reina/Xanadu as a tempo tool.

gets rid of Scarcity of Resources (which is real rough for this deck) and Batty.

I expected to see more Potential Unleashed after Worlds but actually didn't come across any. Two were included in case I ditched one to inject.

Throw in an Itinerant Protesters for the lols. Most corps rack up a lot of bad pub so this might be a good 1-of to make HQ sweeter.

27 Nov 2017 Netrunnerunner

As a heads up, hitting Quantum Kitty doesn't trigger The Archivist. QPM says it's "added to the corp's score area," while The Archivist says "when the corp scores." Since QPM is "added to the score area" instead of "scored," it doesn't trigger The Archivist.

28 Nov 2017 Rahrhino

@Netrunnerunner Ah yes, good spot! Will keep that in mind :)

19 Dec 2017 Kerredai

Is the potential to fire Power Tap multiple times in a turn really worth the consistency of Underworld Contact and the 3 influence? Mr. Phones just seems really strong in a Security Nexus/Archivist plan, I was surprised not to see him.