BoatsMetal - 7th @ Torino CO 2022

koga 1144

While preparing for the tournament, I had some ideas on how I wanted to approach it. I didn't want to bring "the best decks" because I didn't care about the placement. I have way more fun building my own half-jank decks. Tournaments are often a place where I bring incomplete ideas and I'm usually guaranteed playing against refined decks and against players who try their hardest, so it becomes very clear if something can truly work or not. I also wanted to play a bunch of new cards and didn't want to bring the same decks as my testing friends @ALFlex and @wowarlok. This is what I came up with, and here's my runner.

This is a deck that plays similarly to my favorite corp style of all time: rush / FA. I've been playing this way since the old old days of the original core set, with HB: Engineering the Future. In recent times, it's kinda the rythm Titan, B2L, Sportsmetal and PD also play at, though this is closer to some older Arella Sports decks. You want to get some gearchecks, score some points from a 1 or 2 iced server and score from hand the rest. Ob Superheavy Metal is perfect for this, as it allows us to recycle cards to get our tempo pieces and the gearchecks we're looking for at all times.

The crucial card of the deck is easily Malapert. This allows you to chain score agendas with Audacity and just tutor you the next copy. There's 3 Vaults in the deck, with a number of 2 cost cards to find it when needed. There's also a neat interaction you should know about: if you score Azef, trash a 2 cost card and tutor Malapert into that remote, it gets to trigger. Be careful though, as if you trash Malapert with the Azef score, it's gone before it "sees" the agenda score, giving you nothing. The latest additions to the deck were Arella and Biotic. This is something I took from some people on Jnet and oh boy, they are so good. Remember that the first is easily tutored thanks to Mavirus and the latter is fetched with Malapert, so they're 100% fine as 1 of. They allowed me to score 4 points a turn in a game and 3 in another.
Quick example: there's a random 3/2 in the remote along with Malapert and Arella. I play Biotic, triple advance score and find Audacity. Arella gets me Azef in the remote advanced, play Audacity with the Biotic click and score again, trashing my Wall to Wall. This gets me another Audacity and Spin Doctor to draw. Happened in testing. Sick stuff. Similar tricks allowed me to get closer and closer to the win in two games at the tournament. I should also point out that Formicary pretty much won me a game by sniping a breaker. It's a fine 2 cost gearcheck considering you can kill with Azef, don't sleep on it.

The deck performed well, going 3-2. I lost to well played Padma and Sable on Deep Dive, won two games on turn 6/7 vs Freedom and Steve and a won a tad slower against Hoshiko. I think this has a lot of potential, but it needs just a few slot changes, like a Crisium Grid in the mix. Try it out, it's fast and fun! Huge thanks to @ALFlex and @wowarlok for the testing games, @Berzelius for the organization and all the others for showing up and making the day (and dinners) amazing, as always.

1 Aug 2022 ALFlex

Fast, so FAST!

1 Aug 2022 guiot

Beautiful <3

I think the silver bullet ice suite is a trap but it's so good looking

2 Aug 2022 koga

@guiot I think the ice suite is solid, I would change very little about it