Moon Melter (4th Place US Nats)

tzeentchling 905

Identical to my Regionals-winning runner deck. Why fix what ain't broke?

I believe this deck was very well positioned for the Nationals meta. The deck did very well over the course of the day, only losing once to @Stonar 's Fake News deck after an extreme battle of currents, and that was because I failed to find a Siphon, Keyhole, or a Forked anywhere in the first 20 cards (but did find all my recursion instead).

This deck can be extremely punishing to corps who are not well prepared for it, or who get a lousy start. Several games on both days were finished within 5-10 minutes. Ironically, of course, it didn't play a single Moons deck during the tournament, though had I made it past my extremely tough T4 opponent it would have been well positioned against both of the remaining players' decks (Moons and CI Reborn).

Not sure how or if I would change it right now. The Immolation Script is the most flexible slot, and could easily be something else, but it definitely came in handy destroying ice the the corp thought was relatively well protected, for free no less.

7 Jun 2017 triorph

How well does this deck handle Sync shenanigans?

7 Jun 2017 tzeentchling

Find your Plascrete, keyhole agendas until you've got enough in Archives to win to avoid EOI shenanigans, siphon if you can but there's enough money in the deck to avoid needing it for a while. It's not the best match-up but you can do it, especially if you get your ice destruction for news hounds/ravens/archangel.

7 Jun 2017 triorph

Right. My suspicion is that if the meta is more Sync heavy than these tournaments have shown that you probably want a second plascrete. Either going to 46 or dropping a card (Immolation seems the best target).

7 Jun 2017 RedAllOver

Any thoughts on Counter Surveillance in a deck like this?

7 Jun 2017 tzeentchling

It might be okay as a finishing blow, but I think if you have the money to spend on Counter Surveillance, you're better served simply Keyholeing more.

8 Jun 2017 ChairmanHiro

With 30 events, how do you not get super flooded with stuff you can't play? Do you rely that heavily on the SoT and Deja to get back what you toss?

8 Jun 2017 tzeentchling

Honestly, that's not been too much of an issue. The worst is if you draw your recursion before your desired cards, and your ice destruction cards before your Eater/ice breakers. Sometimes that happens, and you lose. But you're not ever flooded, really, since you're not exactly drawing all the time, and a lot of those events are money events and/or cheap to play.