Standard Val (1st at B·Com 2019)

CaptainMark 181

Nothing to say here, because the deck is exactly the same as the one that made top 3 on the british tournament played by Chris, Seamus and Tim. You have good cards, you play them, you usually win.

24 Jan 2019 vesper

Unless you're me, in which case you split, get swept, do some other crazy stuff, and end up 15th ;-)

Still, an awesome time with great people around, so a WIN in my book :-)

I'm wondering whether -3 TTW +3 Career Fair is not a better idea for this deck the way I play Valencia, with 8 potential combo targets. Will have to test soon!

Once more, congratulations!

24 Jan 2019 CaptainMark

You swim on money, but lack multiacces, so the answer here is that TTW is better. Sometimes is your only way to win a game you can't win, for example in the final. If there were two agendas there, @Slowriffs would have won!