The Last Dance of Lamprey Leela

MaikH 1695

I've played some iteration of this deck for the longest time, and now that I've won a small tournament with it (six players), I might as well say a few words about it.

The central idea was always to keep the corp poor, so 3 Lampreys. Losing Account Siphon hit this deck very hard, obviously, but it's recent comeback as a viable build is not due to the new and weaker cousin Diversion of Funds. Rather, it's the new criminal current Corporate "Grant" that gave it its teeth back.

Accordingly, I wanted a lot of cheap shit to have an install every turn, in spite of an economy that's mostly running on fumes - there are no Sure Gambles in here, because I'm usually below 5 credits. Which does not matter as long as the corp is poor, too, and that is the key to playing this: take risks and exert pressure, even if it leads to some early ice rezzes on centrals. With Equivocation and Sneakdoor, you have potential threats on every central, so you can live with one of them being locked down.

Once a Corporate "Grant" is in play, your typical turn will consist of draw, install, go pester the corp once or twice and maybe take a credit. Recognize openings when they appear; with Equivocation, an accessible R&D is often deadlier for the corp than an open HQ.