Titan Rush 3: IN SPACE [SOCR3]

neuropantser 525

This deck is fast.

The 1-pointers are excellent rusetech. Sometimes your opponent will think you're running Hard-Hitting News when they see False Lead and Crisis Management. Sometimes they will think you're on Hunter-Seeker. Sometimes your opponent will go deep in the tank and think you might be on The Board because of all these 1-pointers. All of these ideas are neat, but they all cost influence that could otherwise be fast advance. Why do anything that isn't fast advance? The goal is to finish every game in at most 5 minutes so you have plenty of time to get water before the next round, or maybe to read a short novella.

You can see this deck in action on Sanjay's youtube channel. I personally hope you will not do so, because I played very poorly that game.