Kick the Police (BLM Tournament 10th, 5-1)

greyfield 3896

You get drip. You get rich. You kick ice. You trash the ice. You bust open a central and run it over and over. Look, this doesn't have to be that complicated.

A couple of days before the tournament I swapped out Zer0s for Earthrise Hotels assuming I'd hit more heavy glaciers/RPs with big ice centrals where I'd want to be more ponderous and have access to all my Spooneds. This was probably a mistake; while Zer0s dilute your late game by reducing the number of Labor Rights targets you get overall, they do solid work speeding up the early game and probably are worth it in the current meta. Another Stimhack would also be a nice luxury.

Beat MirrorMorph, RP, Asa, Harmony Medtech, and Palana Foods; lost to CTM. There were 10 people up for six slots in the top 8; I was 8th among them. C'est la vie.

28 Jun 2020 ValkyriezGaming

I like the list. Would you straight swap the 3x Earthrise Hotel for 2x Zer0 and a Stimhack?

28 Jun 2020 greyfield

I think if you want Zer0 you want all three of them, and that was what the list had pre-Hotels. I don’t know where the second Stimhack fits; that’s more food for thought.

10 Jul 2020 ValkyriezGaming

I got around to playing this list with 1-2 small changes, and oh my, this is a shedload of fun. First game I trashed 6 ice on centrals and just hammered them non stop.

Really cool list.