Builder of Nations - Cache Refresh

MoonlitAllie 23

I feel like there is potential with this deck, but it needs a lot of tweaks in it's current form.

The idea is to tax your opponent out of cards with Housekeeping, your ice, and then score a Government Takeover with the Biotic Labor/Red Planet Couriers.

A few changes I would make after playing a few games:

-1 Biotic Labor/-1 Shipment from Kaguya/+2 Snares - I would suggest dropping the Fast Advance plan. This requires good bluffing, but with more Snares and the 3 Prisecs, it is probably possible to pull off, although it's definitely risky.

You could also try and find room for a second Biotic and/or more draw. This may mean removing the Snare and a Kakugo, and including Anonymous Tip. I do feel like this weakens the teeth this deck has, in which case you may be better off moving to Skorpios with more influence.

-1 Beanstalk Royalties / +1 Mass Commercialization - Mass Commercialization was so good on the night, netting me at worst 4 credits, and at best, 12 for a single click.

-1 Mausolus / +1 Hortum - End the run is nice to have without needing to advance 3 times. AI Hate is also a bonus.

-1 IPO / +1 Red Planet Couriers - To try and find the score plan a little quicker.

It does fall over to Levy quite badly, so 1 Ark Lockdown might be good if you expect it.

All in all, it's not great, but it was fun to play, and taxing for cards in a way I don't think my meta was quite ready for.