Janksgiving Winning Harishchandra

internet 806

!jank roll: Harischandra Entertainment + Archived Memories + Tori Hanzo + Pop-up Window

This deck went 3-1 in the Janksgiving tournament, becoming possibly the first-ever tournament-winning Harishchandra deck:

  • Data Loop + Prisec flatline vs. Neuromaxim
  • Data Loop + Prisec flatline vs. meetingadjourned
  • Scored out(!) vs. solemnstorm
  • Lost in a wild one vs. saetzero's Jesminder, who used my own Data Loops to scramble his hand after hitting Slot Machine, meaning that the card I was absolutely certain was in his one-card hand when I played Complete Image...wasn't.

My deckbuilding process went something as follows:

  • Archived Memories + Hard-Hitting News + BOOM!: bland like overcooked turkey
  • Archived Memories + Harishchandra + Complete Image: spicy like excellent stuffing

The plan is to use Data Loop + Prisec scoring remotes to either kill the runner on the spot, or line up a lethal Complete Image after they steal your agenda. I tried to make Tori Hanzo work, and added one net damage ice, but forgot Cobra existed and didn't add it :( She did fine work as a scary trashable that the runner always trashed, though.