Aurora - 39th @ Euros 2020

koga 655


Her olive skin.
Her bright green eyes.
She how they shine.
In the disco lights.

You can find my corp here.

If you know me, you know I love this ID. I just can't shut up about it.
I didn't like how Shaper was doing recently, and it seems to me that what they lack is some sort of early pressure. This deck tries to slot in everything I can to apply pressure as early as possible, while still having a chance later in the game. It's by no means a "strong" deck, but I like it and I think there's something valuable here.

The core of the deck is Engolo + Stargate, which makes the deck kind of monodimensional, but early remote sniping is always more than doable since we're Kabonesa. Fetch your SMC and Stimhack the remote.
I tried to go as fast as possible with Aniccam + many events.
As you will notice, pretty much every card in the deck gives money, draw or some sort of disruption. Every event in the deck (there's 22!) is tempo positive.
I initially had RDI over Stargate, but when I switched over to the latter to put more pressure early, I just had to add more MU since I wanted to play the most abused shaper econ card. Cyberdelia came in as a natural addition: Modded + Aniccam is great (yes, you draw if you Mod out Aniccam) and we will want to click Stargate every turn, so it's another drip econ card that will often cost us 0.
Spec Work has always been one of my favorite cards since I first saw it.
In here you can use it for easy speed (eating Misdirection, Ika and SMC from the deck), getting your Paperclip ready in the bin or pulling off the super cute "fetch Rezeki, Spec Work it and reinstall it with Simulchip" trick to get some drip down while moving forward. Unless you have that cute trick, you usually just install Rezeki from hand when you draw it.

The deck ended up going 3-4 sadly, worse than in testing, with a bad call by me round 1, bad matchup 2nd round (against future 7th in swiss), no agendas found stargating in 3rd round and missing 3 agendas out of 7 cards 5th round on the last click. Just not my day you know?

I streamed all my games (in Italian), you can find them here.
If you wanna watch me being salty the first rounds are the way to go :P

Huge thanks to all my opponents (HerbartKlopstock, RTsa, Xtreme, testrunning, Swiftie, Aube88 and my good friend MELLONE75), all the friends who tested with me, all organizers, streamers and Nisei. The event was incredible.
Congrats again to ChrisFerg!

28 Jul 2020 Havvy

Loving the deck :) inspiring me to pick up Wu :)