Hang'em All - 39th @ Euros 2020

koga 655

Carpenter Brut - Hang'em All

The biggest shoutout of this tournament goes to Odol.
I've seen him play some sort of 7 agendas aginfusion on Jnet vs Leela and I immediately felt this was what I'd bring to Euros myself.

You can find my runner here.

As you know I'm not the brain behind this deck, though I built it from scratch.
I'd say that, generally speaking, I learn a lot by watching people play and oh boy, I definitely learned some good things watching Odol play his list.
So first of all, it's great vs Criminals. I expected Leela to be the most popular runner at the tournament (the 2 most popular IDs ended up being 30 Leelas and 19 419s), which is why I ended up bringing this.
But why is it good vs Criminals?
The first reason is "your opponent can't Boomerang Doof you".
Now, you think about that for a minute. Sure, Spiderweb is cool and all, but here you can jam literally any piece of garbage in front of HQ and call it a day.
The second reason is "Criminals have no recursion (for breakers hehe)".
I'm sure everyone has seen Ohm / Tugtetgut Ark Lockdown that Paperclip in the top cut, so I don't feel I have to explain much anymore. You know how much that does. Remember that a big part of that win was also breaking Boomerangs with Border Controls, something that we can do here with any unrezzed ice. It's seriously something you should take into consideration.
About the rest, the deck feels super solid. You know how solid Gamene7 feels, the agendas in Jinteki give you a pretty similar feel, with Obo being much harder to steal than Bellona.
The 7th point here is given by AOYCR, though I think every time I scored out I ended up with 9 points. Remember there are some pretty cute upsides when playing with AOYCR though: you are AgInf, so you can force a run on Archives, boop the runner on your remote protected by Batty Tithonium and hang some programs by the neck. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING THOUGH IS THAT IT'S A AOYCR RUN. AND DO YOU KNOW WHY IT MATTERS? Paperclip.
Ok, I'll elaborate. (thanks Berzelius for reminding me of this)
You play AOYCR, say Archives (or any central with an unrezzed ice).
The runner runs that server.
You use AgInf to boop the runner on the remote.
You rez Tithonium (prerezzed outermost or unrezzed elsewhere) and Batty.
The runner encounters Tithonium, so Paperclip can be installed from the bin.
Normally, the runner has the first say during the encounter, because it's the runner's turn.
Except it's the Corp's turn now, which means you can fire your Batty before the Runner has a chance to break your Tithonium for 4 mere credits with the just installed Clippy.
Play the Psi game.
Win the Psi game.
Smile. :)
Hang multiple breakers.
Play Ark Lockdown.
Yeah ok I know, not all that is going to happen often at all, but hey, it's an out!

The deck went 5-2 during the day. Somehow I had to play against 3x Freedom Khumalo in the early rounds, which is actually annoying considering how slow this deck tends to be and how annoying ice destruction is against it. Also, there were 13 Freedoms in total and I know for certain that 2 of those were NOT on Chisel - Devil Charm. How the hell did I manage to play against 3 of those??? All the remaining games (4 standard Criminals) went pretty smoothly, the big mistakes I made were in the Anarch games.

I streamed all my games (in Italian), you can find them here.
If you wanna watch me being salty the first rounds are the way to go :P

Huge thanks to all my opponents (HerbartKlopstock, RTsa, Xtreme, testrunning, Swiftie, Aube88 and my good friend MELLONE75), all the friends who tested with me, all organizers, streamers and Nisei. The event was incredible.
Congrats again to ChrisFerg!

28 Jul 2020 Odol

Well done @koga! And glad I could help :)