Lockdown #16 you forgot your asset hate

SimplyTheOnion 43

This is the corpI piloted to my flawless (o.O) win in the 16th Lockdown

(https://alwaysberunning.net/tournaments/3051/lockdown-16-natures-strangest-lockdown/) huh, didnt expect this to happen

Its my version of fast advance NEH. Very fast, very strong, incredibly fun to pilot. Just spam assets like its no tomorrow, dont take any prisoners and score 7 points before the runner can.

The success of this particular is predicated on 2 things:

a) runner doesnt have clot

b) runner doesnt have asset hate

Both of these things were the case in this lockdown. I was very sure on the first thing being the case because audacity was banned in the lockdown. Despite facing all shapers (most with smc) during the tournament this stayed true. I was also fairly sure on point b because historically lockdown didnt have any asset spam decks since for the longest time in standard the only viable asset spam ID has been ctm which always costs way too many points in Lockdown to be played by anyone. Now we finally have a second option in NEH and its awesome (please dont overpoint it). This point also was mostly true. There was a reina roja deck in the tournament that featured friday chip + imp. Luckily I was able to dodge that matchup.

if youre afraid of more runners packing clot in your meta Id highly suggest trying to find space for a cvs or 2 in the list to help out vs that.

I also had a different version of this deck brewed up that was focussed more on killing the runner. I ended up favouring this version over that because I believed most people were aware that most corps will be looking to kill and would be packing some sort of kill protection to fight that and not playing any clots (which ended up being true).

If youre looking to adapt this list to a more standard viable list Id recommend to do so with caution. Both 419 as well as apoc maxx would probably be abysmal matchups for this list. If you want to try to adapt it anyways then Id suggest for your first changes to be removing the sprints for spin doctors, finding space for at least 1 cvs (Id recommend cutting the preemptive action for that) and then finding a use for the extra influence gained by cutting the sprints (second biotic or third AAL would be my first go-to's). Lastly Id highly recommend replacing the barriers with IP-Blocks. The card is a lot better than my barriers, but was banned in this lockdown.

my runner: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/67424/lockdown-16-break-for-1c-v3-

28 Sep 2021 Longi

Congrats on the victory! Very strong deck given the format limitation. Well done!