No Ice for You - 2nd at Boston GNK Jank Night

funkeyman232 38

This GNK was a special version of the Boston meta weekly meetup. In honor of some community stalwarts leaving the scene, we wanted to have a fun send off. There were prizes for the coolest/best/most interesting jank decks, and I had a ton of fun seeing the new cards in action. This was the first event I helped run, and I can't wait to do it again.

This deck is built on my fundamental misunderstanding of how Loup works. With a ton of ways to trash ice, I thought I could build a great engine with Consumer, Solidarity Badge, and Loup triggers. Turns out Loup never fires on trashing ice, but if you get the other two out, you're still in business. That never happened on the day, but instead Hermes put in all the work. This 2 cost card keeps pressure on the corp even when they're ahead. It's not hard to pull down a board state after a score or steal, plus a hippo or chisel/devil charm. There's a better deck hiding in here somewhere (probably at 40 minimum cards).

Shoutout to Solemn_Storm for the win, and Charlotte for 3rd, we will miss you both!!