Wude Wipeout* (10th from 38 at York Regional)

HiddenAway 923

Shh. Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting pwogwams!

*Only faced one Wu deck - but won

As Surfer Wuzeki was gaining in popularity, I thought it'd be good to test her against my rigshooter deck from Sheffield. The deck did very well for me last time and did well again at York, dropping just a single game to Swiftie who safely managed to beat me down with 419, winning 2 Batty psi games in the process. I did try the double Broad Daylight kill early on but failed when I forgot Citadel Sanctuary is a card.

There are some slight tweaks in this version, Roughneck Repair Squad made way for Contract Killer. A change that was rewarded when I was filthy rich against mcg's Smoke and was giving 5 clicks over to Beth. Some slight synergy with Red Level as well (Install/take click, Advance, Advance, Contract Killer).

The other change was Sandstone to Tithonium. This paid off when I used Batty on encounter facing Jonny's Wu to trash a Leprechaun with Laamb hosted and let Jonny face the rest of the subroutines, killing Surfer and Rezeki in the process. This gave me enough breathing room while he looked for recursion and I just managed to squeak out the final agenda with Excalibur and Border Control. My other opponents who were beaten by this wude deck were Havvy on Adam (his first tournament and he did very well!), and sixtyten on Leela (241 win).

My opposite deck, MAWHAMMER 2.5 won 3 games from 5 rounds. Only SOS stopped me making the cut but this continues to be a successful deck for me and it may get even Wuder before I finish with it.

Thanks to everyone who's played against me and thanks to Aki for hosting a great regional!