Reina Janksgiving Draft

Frizzler 31

Cube Draft is my favourite Netrunner format.

This is the draft deck I played in the Janksgiving Cube Draft tournament.

The true identity was Reina Roja, not the Masque, but I could only publish it by swapping the identity (otherwise it is considered illegal, and illegal decks cannot be published).

The cube can be found here:

I won all three games with this deck.

In Draft format, credit denial is one of the most powerful strategy for runner, which worked well with this deck.

What I like about this specific cube ist that rotated cards meet the new cards, which in my case enabled me to combo Data Leak Reversal with Baklan Bochkin.

The last game, which decided about the tournament win, was most thrilling and had many exciting situations:

  • I found my Aumakua early, but lost it to a Swordsman. There is only one copy of Swordsman in the cube, so I was badly surprised.

  • The loss of my Inversificator to an Archer was as bad - I had a brainfart because I had forgotten the Corp was playing AG Infusion and shot me into the rezzed Archer.

  • I took five meat damage to steal a City Works Project

  • The Corp placed an Oaktown renovation behind the rezzed Archer. But I could steal it as I had Knight readily on my grip

  • In the end game, I put pressure on R&D with Keyhole, but found no agenda. Then, I derezzed the Swordsman on R&D with Baklan Bochkin while I already had Data Leak Reversal installed. The trashes by Data Leak Reversal yielded the final agenda.