Leela uh.. Finds a Way. 1st Place GNK

tonomus 11

My Leela build is relatively slow, as I expect to need to establish a rig or a large credit pool to survive the amount of run punishment that was thrown my way. Magnum Opus is excellent, would happily keep as my restricted again and again with this type of build.

My general gameplan was to rig up and establish Logos ASAP. Tooling up and finding my run-enabling cards (Indexing, Mad Dash, Info Sift, or Same Old to repeat Indexing) or rig-enabling cards to get out of locks. Indexing was my MVP.

My Inf was tight, as I very sorely wanted to include a second Indexing but could not justify removing three Influence to include it. In the future, I will likely include a second and an additional Same Old.

Resources were mostly econ, with sweet Sac Con to protect my Tapwrm and to deter Hunter Seeker. Hunting Grounds to ignore the mean ICE, Turning Wheel to enable sick rips and even complete access from HQ in conjunction with Legwork.

I included singleton Dorm Computer for NBN tech. LLDS Memory Diamond to support the MU demanding rig, a comfortable max hand size of seven, and to occasionally benefit from the link strength for frequent NBN traces.

I opted to drop Paperclip for Saker (influence cost) and to switch to double breakers of each type to improve consistency. Femme to bypass critical or expensive ICE. Sneakdoor with expectation to occasionally punish, though it never once hit the table.