York Blue Sun (5-2 and 3rd at 38-person regional)

paulyg 1318

After trying to play pretty much runner ID and failing, I didn't have much time to prepare a corp for the York regionals. In the end, I went with pretty much the Blue Sun list that I was playing under the previous MWL but with an Excalibur slotted in because why not (it won me a game in the cut). As a slightly last minute thing I decided to replace the 2 Crisiums (not expecting much criminal) with Reduced Service, hoping to be able to tax out Smoke (which I was expecting to see some of).

On the day the list performed better than I was expecting, perhaps because I only had to face one Wu deck, with wins over Origami Wu, Smoke, Adam, 419 and Freedom and losses to MaxX and 419. The two games it lost were the classic misfire starts where everything comes in the wrong order. Unfortunately, because your Econ is sort of reliant on combos of cards, these do happen. The lack of real spice in this list was my attempt to make the starts as consistent as possible but there may still be some work to do.

Reduced Service worked out fairly well, putting a couple of opponents off running the remote, but I'm not sure if there's a better slot here. Scarcity is certainly a possible alternative.

11 Aug 2019 manveruppd

3rd in a 38-person tournament WITH NO RESTRICTED CARD? Pretty good! I would've found a spot for a Mother Goddess, it's great to rush out an early agenda with!

11 Aug 2019 paulyg

Yeah, I think Mother Goddess is not a bad shout. I did think about it but was expecting so much Turtle, Engolo and Laamb that I decided against it in the end. Might be something to consider in my next revision :D