Space Penguin CI (1st Reading BABW 28 players)

Shmeguy 1589

Once you see it you can't unsee it,

space penguin

6-0 at Reading BABW.

3 Apr 2017 AkAnderson

Great job

3 Apr 2017 TR1S

@Rotage has confirmed that 80s Cool Guy Penguin is also appropriate.

3 Apr 2017 thecodetroll

I dont see any penguin :(

3 Apr 2017 thecodetroll

Oh SNAP! I see the penguin.

3 Apr 2017 AkAnderson

This reveal coincides with the closing of Club Penguin and it makes my heart happy.

3 Apr 2017 johno

A+ deck name and description.

3 Apr 2017 emilyspine

beep boop space birb

3 Apr 2017 rotage

@TR1Sindeed its like an 80's music video, where at the end the penguin itself starts to sing

3 Apr 2017 yeoda

Spaaaaace penguins

13 May 2017 FightingWalloon

Does Ultraviolet Clearance make sense in this deck or does the install and the eating of your whole turn potentially prove less useful than Blue Level or whatever else you would take out for it?